Tips And Tricks To Follow While Traveling For Sports

Sports lovers will travel anywhere and will do anything to watch their favorite players and team on the field. Whatever it is, may be a football world cup tournament or just a college match, if you are in love with the game or with the team, of course, you will go to watch the match live. But while you are watching the game or when you are traveling to watch the match, then can be some problems that you may face. Hence, it is important to get some tips and tricks that will help you in having a smooth sports travel.

UP UP and AwaySearching for a hotel

If you are going to some other city or some other country for the match, then the most important thing to take care of is the hotel booking. The hotel booking only does not consist of the tariff of the hotel but will in fact also consists of various other factors such as taxi rentals and others.  It may happen that you have got a hotel somewhere at the outskirts of the town because that particular hotel is much cheaper than the hotels in the city. But also you need to check that how will you reach the sports destination from the hotel. Check whether taxis are available or not and if it is available to check how much rent they are charging for the ride. Also, see whether you have proper food joints around the hotel or not so that you do not have to spend the money on food and taxis that you have saved by taking a cheaper hotel outside the actual town.
Buying ticket
The next important thing to take care is the ticket of the match. What will be your use of going to the place if you do not have a proper ticket for the event? There are times when you may get a ticket at a low price, but later on you may realize that you have been cheated by providing a fake ticket. Hence, it is important to get your ticket booked from a reseller who is well licensed, Try StubHub. To save some time, you can also go for online ticket bookings from various well-known websites such as But in case if you have left no other options apart from getting a ticket outside the venue, then have a check whether the person selling you the ticket have a license for so or not.

Reaching the site early
While you are going for a match, of course, you will not wish to leave various events such as the opening ceremony and the introduction. You may miss it often if you are late for some reasons such as traffic jam and others. So, always try to keep pretty good time at hand to reach the venue.

Respect others in the audience
It may happen that the person sitting just beside you is a fan of the opponent team. It may also happen that it may be cheering too much for the opponent team. You should respect his or her applauds also and should not do something provoking that will ultimately lead you to the jail.
Keep your bag full
There is one more reason why you should try to reach the venue early. This is because it is evident you may get hungry or thirst while cheering for your team. But the food and drinks inside the venue can be very expensive. So, it is always a good idea to buy food and necessary items from the outside of the venue to avoid such expensive events.

Getting a break

Nature’s call can come at any time. But of course, you will surely not wish to miss the game for even a second also. This time, if you face a sort of emergency, then it may feel that you’re visiting the venue was worthless. So, here also it is required to plan your breaks correctly. Go for washrooms during the commercials so that for the next few minutes or even an hour or so, you can enjoy the game without any interferences.
Take help of the smartphone
When you have your smartphone in your hand, you can get any help. If you are lost in the city, use Google maps to reach your hotel. If you are not sure about which restaurant is best, use apps like Yelp to get reviews and addresses of the nearby restaurants. Again Expedia is an application that can help you in booking tickets and planning your travel.

The Indian River Lagoon Facing Problem Of Massive Fish Kills

Though the main reason for the problem is held to be the degradation of the River Lagoon, there are other reasons too at which fingers can be pointed out. All the reasons may not be a direct one, but there are some complicated reasons also that has lead to such problem in the Indian River Lagoon.Fish Kill

This is the reason it is being said that the problem is not the result of one particular reason. There are some small men–made issues that have ultimately led in such a huge problem lately. Of course, there are also some natural factors combined with the man – made issues that can be held responsible for this problem.

The Indian River Lagoon

From the southern Daytona Beach till the North Jupiter of Florida lies an inland waterway that is called the Indian River Lagoon. The waterway is not only an attraction to beauty and life but also is known for the pleasurable business surviving there. This is the reason the place has been an attraction for not only many tourists but also many tour operators and of course some commercial fishermen and fishing industries.

The complicated reasons behind the issue
Dead Gator Indian riverIt has been mentioned before that no particular one reason has lead to such a problem. There are many of man-made combined with natural factors that have come up with such as devastating issue. Recently, brown algae have been noticed floating on the water that has blurred out the clear water of the river. But the algae, of course, are not a one-day phenomenon. There have been some reasons that have lead to the growth of these algae that has finally resulted in the killing of the fishes in the water.

It can be said that the combination of dirty water from the residents, industries, and sewage enters the Indian River in a high amount that has forced in a change of the nutrient value of the river. There have been some natural reasons also such as storm water that has mixed with the dirty water from the city that has lead to such blooms of the algae.

The algae cause some impacts on the water bodies such as blocking the sunlight to enter the seabed. When the grasses at the seabed are not getting sunlight, the nutrient level of the water is getting down, and hence it is making the water lesser healthy by each passing time. This will also have a toll in the ecosystem in coming few years.

The adverse results have already started when the fishermen are facing

When such a problem has occurred due to a constant degradation process since last few years, so, of course, it is our responsibility to do corrections in this case. But of course, we are not the only reason for such catastrophe. Recently a billion gallons of fresh water has been released from the Lake Okeechobee to the Indian River. The problem is that only part of the Indian River is facing with such problem, and hence, when the water from the lake has been released to the river, then there have been some other adverse results. Now it seems that oil is floating over the water. The water is discharged into lower the level of the lake to save the earthen dam. But again one of the main issues is about irrigation that is required for the development of the sugar farms.
Most important thing to be noted is that all these problems taking place at present do not have any solutions.

The only real thing that is happening is that people are getting concerned about the problem of the river getting degraded each day. People staying of walking by the river often face and complains about the stinking smell of the fishes and ask for a solution about it. There have been some preventions that were advised before but nobody took care of it at the proper time. Now when the results are in front of them, then they are getting aware of the fact.

Of course, the problem is too big at present. But still if we work hard, then we can get some solution for the problem for sure. The Internet and the social media have already started sharing various ideas and ways to solve the problem. The only thing is that we need to think harder and implement them.

Ninja Stuff! Nate Diaz UFC 197

Well, I might as well open up my first ninja stuff post with the OG ninja himself Nate Diaz. UFC 196, Nate Diaz beat the living snot out of Conor McGregor; I’ve always thought that Connor it was one of those overrated fighters in the UFC. I knew once he got a real sized human that his skills or lack of would be exposed. He came into this fight, and the beginning started off slow took a couple of shots to the face. He started bleeding; but what most people don’t understand with both the Diaz brothers that they have a ton of scar tissue from years and years of wars, and even the slightest tap can cause them to open up. So they’re not necessarily getting damage when you see that much blood, that’s why they keep  coming after them. And the second round came out gave Conor McGregor boxing lesson. Connor his strong suit was thought to be boxing and has made fun of people saying quote everyone’s a boxer until the wrestler. Ended up trying to shoot on it and become a wrestler, Nate Diaz jumped at the chance used his. It were him and took him out. Here’s a video of the greatest Octagon interview ever.

5 of the Best Exotic Places You Can Choose To Retire – 2016

Are you looking for an exciting retirement place across the globe, well then this article can be your guide book in your quest to find the perfect retirement spot? Here we enlist five amazing places for retirement with a ‘Live and Invest Overseas’, report for the year 2016.

 Algarve, Portugal

Algarve in Portugal has been in this list of best place to retire since the year 2014. It has been reported that at present there are as many as 1, 00,000 residents in Algarve who have retired. This is also known to be the place where there are maximum numbers retired people. Algarve is also known to be an area that experiences more sunshine that any other places of Europe. Some of the major attraction of the site can be the beaches, of course, and then the local wines, fishing, and much more that nature can offer in Algarve. The cost of living here in Retirement Ahead - Road Warning SignPortugal is much lesser than any other places in Europe, and hence, a retired couple can easily spend their rest of the time here. The best thing is that even the non-residential couples can easily get resident programs.

Cuenca, Ecuador

This place in Latin America is one of such place that experiences the best climates, i.e., spring almost all year round. Though in near few years, the cost of living has risen but still it is much lesser than any other places in Latin America. Here also the arrangements for residency with legal rights can be readily available for retiring people. One lovely thing that makes this special is that the health care service here is cheap, reliable and best. Cuenca is very much integrated with local business and services to provide you not only a healthy living but also the best one.

Playa Escondida, Costa Rica

Romantic happy senior man and woman couple walking on a deserted tropical beach with bright clear blue sky

Costa Rica is one of the most known tourist ventures in the US due to its diverse attractions from beaches, parks to malls and museums. There are some reasons why retiring couples or retired couples can plan to lead their rest of the life here in Costa Rica. Some of the very reasonable reasons are the high quality of health care, high level of literacy, enough of nature spread around and most importantly no ongoing threats from the army now and then.

Maximum of the retired couples has settled down near or at Playa Escondida and similar resort villages. These places have nature to admire the best, best service of hospitals, supermarkets and almost every possible thing that is required for a comfortable living after your retirement. The climate is also dry and of temperate nature that makes this place a good option for living.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has become one of the attractions for retired couples lately. Two of the main attracting reasons that are available here are excellent weather and great infrastructure. Some of the best modern amenities are available here such as in healthcare services. People who get retired enjoy some of the best modern lifestyles in the laps of beaches and great weather. Also, some of the foreign retired couples that come here to get settled find a new way of living in some of the local business such as tourism, food, and hospitals. Also, the places are boasting with its education services. Hence, schools and universities are also other options for opportunities.

Dumaguete, Philippinesold people walking

The Philippines is one such place where you will get English speaking natives and hence your language issue will be solved. Secondly, the weather out here is tropical and hence provides you the best environment to stay and spend your rest of the life. Some of the attractions that attract many of the tourists here are dolphin and whale viewing, snorkeling and other sports. If you wish to spend a sporty retired life, then this can be the ultimate destination for you.

The Philippines, located on the water body have a lot to offer to people arriving here. From lovely beaches to inexpensive restaurants, to specialized healthcare centers, you get almost everything that is needed for relaxed living. Apart from this, you have universities that claim to increase the level of education and also various art related centers for art lovers.

At present, there are more than 5000 retired people here surviving in this place. Of course, the reasons are quite convincing, but one bigger reason is the cost of living that is much lower that any of the American cities. It is said that a couple can easily survive here with a healthy lifestyle in about $1000 for a month.


So it Begins…

Hello, my name is Tom choice, and this is my first blog post.

My writing sux, but as a lifetime traveler and sports fan I want to start a blog that kind of Encompassed my lifestyle. I wanted to talk to people about my Adventures, discuss the latest things in sports and anything else I might find interesting. My three favorite games are the UFC, the NFL, and Baja truck racing. My favorite NFL team was the San Diego Chargers up until last year. The whole debacle with the Spanish attempting to move to Los Angeles and couldn’t taking a complete crap San Diego Charger fans turned me off to the team. I will always be a Charger fan but I will never be a fan of the Spanos family they completely disrespected all the fans of San Diego and the fans of the Chargers that grew up in San Diego, but it’s move to other places like myself. So basically, I’ll never get season tickets, I’ll never buy another Jersey, I’ll never give one single dime to the Spanos family to help them make money on the backs of mistreating fans. That being said I will still watch them on TV, and it will never be possible for me ever to root against them.

UFC I would say is my second favorite sport, in fact, I’m going to UFC 200 for the entire week in July. During fight week, there’s going to be three fights going on and all of them look pretty fantastic. I’m looking forward to everything Las Vegas has to offer and the fun of going to UFC fights.

Other things I’m interested in are traveling a real estate investment. I own home all over the world including places like Phuket Thailand, San Jose Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta Mexico,  and a couple scattered around the United States. I’ve been buying and selling real estate for over 15 years, I come from a tech background, but I found that real estate is fun and exciting for me to invest in. Plus, as someone who travels frequently, it’s nice to be able to buy International real estate and rent out the Villas and then when I’m in town be able to use them.

Other things about me are I’m a self-taught computer programmer,  I’m married with two children. I enjoy Muay Thai, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing. In fact I would say that deep sea fishing is probably my favorite sport I like to be involved in, I fish for big game all over the world and have caught 600 pound plus blue marlin, 800 pound plus black marlin, yellowfin tuna up to 250 pounds , I’ve got blue fan up to 150 pounds I have fished in the Indian Ocean, the Sea of Cortez, the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Andaman sea .

Some of the largest fish I caught was in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, off that you let Maria Islands which is located about  80 miles off the coast of Punta Mita. They consists of three islands and in between the farthest South and the second island is where some of the largest tuna in the world are almost year-round. I’ve caught tuna in just about every single month of the year in that spot, and there seems to always be fish over 200 pounds. The book that have caught a lot of those big fish on it called the Maximus Intrepid it’s a small sportfishing about 65 feet that fit 10 people to go out for multi days there’s a bunch downstairs to sleep, and it comes fully outfitted with the best accurate fishing gear, all tackle included at a killer crew . Unfortunately, the Intrepid sunk last week off the coast of Cedros. Jeremy and the rest of the crew were fine,  they were rescued by a tugboat that was carrying parts for the International Space Station for NASA and was towed taken back to San Diego period that both will be incredibly missed, a lot of special memories were made on that boat why a lot of people.

It was known as one of the best tuna fishing vessels in the world and the number one vote if you wanted to catch a personal best. The Intrepid will be sorely missed The; it is a sad day indeed many people loved that boat. Traveling is another passion of mine. I have lived in Japan to Thailand,  Mexico, Spain, Hong Kong briefly. At 18 years old I got the Wanderlust bite, I wanted to see the world and I had no money. So I work from one place to another until I got to accomplish my travel goals I’ve been to over 43 countries speak Thai, Broken Japanese and broken Spanish. I was able to find jobs all around the world, and I work myself from Key West Florida all the way to Thailand working and resorts,  I ended up climbing the ladder pretty high and some of these Resorts and running the complete marketing department for Southeast Asia. This is how I started traveling and buying real estate. I found that there was great investments in Costa Rica, and Mexico and Thailand. I bought and sold many many properties, and I think that I normally have at least one house for sale. I will post some of the properties that I like from time to time, I’ll post things about my favorite sport, I’ll post whatever comes to mind I look forward to you following my blog if you have any questions always feel free to contact me